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Fuzzy Logic:
economical consequences of the catalan secession.

(Ref. P-139-PDF-VE)

A professional study structured in 53 chapters and 4 annexes.
Analysis done with the participation of 52 experts.
Technical scorecards for 367 companies and 18 countries.
Evaluation of the risks in a global document of 687 pages.

Recommended to investment funds, insurance companies, financial entities, companies and finance professionals.
Study available only in spanish language.

Price: 5.000 € (+% IVA)


The purpose of this Project is to do a detailed study of competitive intelligence describing the investment risk y possible negative consequences of an unilateral independence declaration of the Catalonia region, vis a vis Spain. For this valuable exercise of political, economical and social  assessment in the future, an expert system using fuzzy logic mathematics is used. This model is based in the original works formulated by engineer and mathematician Lofti Zadeh from Berkeleys University.
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  • Evaluate the possible consequences of a secession declaration in Catalonia.
  • Analysis of the different types of risks involved in this event, from the economical, commercial, financial. Industrial, logistic, political and military point of view.
  • Inform the professionals and businessmen about the “fuzzy logic” models in the decision taking.
  • To apply such an instrument to the risk analysis for business investments in uncertainty.
  • To be a very important business tool being able to use this study to do the necessary calculations for an accountancy impact as well as financial for the assets in the companies incorporated in Catalonia.
  • The study provides elements to determine the accountancy provisions that auditors may recommend to cover the balance sheet structure and P/L.


Due to the methodology used in this study, any medium of large company, or multinational based in Spain, can calculate an impact due to the secession risk, or a potential unilateral independence declaration, based its asset value. For it, it has to refer and extrapolate according to the next 4 criterias:

  • Company nationality matrix (out of 18 countries).
  • Incorporation location, fiscal base, of the subsidiary: in or out Catalonia.
  • Sector of activity (35 analyzed).
  • Revenue size in Spain and Catalonia.

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